The director of International Animation Day is approved by the Internationa Board of ASIFA. The director reports directly to the executive board and is supported by the Vice President in charge of Special Projects. Most ASIFA chapters provide an IAD coordinator to help organize showings in the local regions or country of the chapter.

IAD International Director: Briana Yarhouse

Briana Yarhouse is an animator, researcher, and Director of Animation at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Traverse City, Michigan USA. She is the director of International Animation Day for ASIFA International coordinating showings around the globe. She is former president for ASIFA Central USA.  

Her essays and papers have been published in the ASIFA Magazine, The International Journal of Comic Art, Society for Animation Studies Journal, among others. She has spoken on animation and sequential art at conferences around the world, most recently in 2021 at Annecy Animation Festival.

She has juried animation for the Woods Hole Film Festival and the Xiamen International Animation Festival. Her animation has played in many festivals most notably “Beyond Freedom,” which she was an animator on, was nominated in 2006 for best short of the year at the Berlin Film Festival. In 2013 her short film “The Box” was selected as part of the Best Animation from ASIFA at the Canlandiranlar Animators Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.

In 2020 she worked to coordinate animators all around the planet to create a collective animation called Spiritus Mundi: Animating the World. Her most recent work can be seen at