ASIFA created the International Animation Day (IAD) in 2002, honoring the birth of animation, recognized as the first public performance of projected moving images: Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892.

ASIFA coordinates and helps promote IAD celebrations all over the world, putting the art of animation in the limelight in a global worldwide celebration of animation. In recent years, this unique event has been commemorated in more than 50 countries, on every continent of the world.

The artists who contributed the faces are: Misael Barbosa, Rita Basulto, Juan Pablo Becerra, Sofía Carrillo, Karla Castañeda, Emilia Castillo, René Castillo, Eliant Elias, León Fernández, Ricardo Niño, Mario Ruiz, Ángeles Vargas & Christian Vázquez.

Every day we witness the importance and beauty of animation in a variety of media. It spreads in commercial theatres – featuring 3D animation and special effects, on TV, publicity, music industry, cross media, internet, but, and most specially, it develops and grows as an art form, through shorts, multimedia and feature films, created by independent authors, artists, students, and children from all over the world.

Animation includes an impressive range of approaches, techniques and goals. Created by drawing, painting, animating puppets and objects, using clay, sand, paper and computer, working with multiple narratives and non-narratives, reflecting a diversity of themes and performances, presented on a variety of platforms. All of this confirms that ANIMATION is an extraordinary and powerful medium of art, cultural expression and communication. And, as a visual storytelling medium, animation can communicate across cultures without verbal language. It truly is a means for cultural connection.

ASIFA strives to support the opportunities for exchange and celebration that this event offers. Stimulating dynamics and collaborations between chapters, groups and agents from different countries, we try to assist in connecting animators to each other, celebrating our unique art form, and bringing animation art to the general public.


ASIFA Chapters and other institutions dedicated to animation are invited to join us on the promotion of suitable projects for IAD celebrations: screenings, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions. There are countries that promote a big event for the occasion, others simply point out this symbolic moment with one day of screenings and encounters. The important thing is to participate.


To enhance the events and really contribute the diffusion of animation films, each IAD promoter has the possibility of trading animation programs between countries/partners. To organize, facilitate and help promote trades, please contact IAD curator. Also, please tell the coordinator what activities you organized.

Following IAD, a short report on the IAD celebrations and trades will be sent to all members and partners.


Each year, ASIFA calls upon an important animator to create the poster for International Animation Day. It is then adapted for each country in order to guarantee a worldwide view of the event. 

The 2018 IAD poster was generously created by René Castillo of ASIFA Mexico and his studio of animators. Animators at his studio contributed to the faces seen in the poster lending their hands to the styles, expressions, and mediums represented and expressing the creative, diverse potential of animation. The artist names are: Misael Barbosa, Mario Ruiz, Ricardo Niño, Emilia Castillo, Sofía Carrillo, Ángeles Vargas, Christian Alain, Juan Pablo Becerra, Eliant Elias and René Castillo. 

Each organizer that promotes IAD event may use the poster and the labels to create its own communication tools according to its needs: printed posters, flyers, booklets, etc. To assure the coherence of IAD announcements and communication, these tools must include: the original IAD image (of the poster), the signature of the artist and ASIFA logo.