Coordinator Information

This is information for ASIFA International Animation Day Coordinators and our partner organizations. This sums up information that has been available in a variety of places.

Chapters of ASIFA and approved partner organizations each year celebrate International Animation Day (IAD) by the sharing and showing of short films created in our regions and exchanged throughout the ASIFA organization as a means of celebrating our common humanity and our rich cultural experiences.

Exchanging and Hosting:

Chapters and Partner organizations provide films gathered from their local animators to be offered for showing by other chapters and partners. The offering of work is called Exchanging. The showing of work is Hosting.

  • The Deadline for offering films for exchange in 2020 is September 1st.
  • It is not necessary for chapters and partners to exchange in order to host.
  • Hosts provide space for showings that are free of charge or minimally charge to pay for any rental space. The goal is to make animation available for all people.
  • Filmfreeway is the preferred method of exchanging films.

Coordinators will connect with their animation filmmakers and give them access to Filmfreeway. In order to submit to IAD filmmakers will need a password. A password is provided by the ASIFA director. Coordinators can provide the password to local filmmakers who are submitting.  Filmmakers should submit to the chapter or partner organization that is local for them. This will help to keep our submissions organized.

For example, if ASIFA USA East sends out to their organization a request for films for IAD, then filmmakers would submit under the USA East Category, not USA Central or USA South. Please only share the web address and the password with your chapter filmmakers. 

Whole programs versus A la Carte. Either is fine. If coordinators are submitting whole groups of films such as the Stuttgart Film Festival does, it could be submitted to FilmFreeway or offered as we have in the past through email. Please use the official iad group email system (, to communicate this. If you are not signed up to, contact the IAD director at If you have issues let me know, this is all new for us!

Coordinators will also be able to log into the Film Freeway system to review films for IAD and download them (after August 1st) for putting together their screenings for hosting locally.

Submission Rules:

Below are the rules for submitting found on the FilmFreeway page

  1. International Animation Day submissions are reserved for members and associates of the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA)
  2. There is no cost for submission
  3. Contact your countries coordinator for submission password
  4. Showings will happen Country by Country at events organized by the local coordinator. Filmmakers submitting agree to allow showings of their work without compensation in the spirit of sharing their work in celebration of International Animation Day.
  5. Events will happen within the Months of October, November, or December with an emphasis on October 28th. Any showings beyond these dates need to be requested by the local coordinator of the filmmaker.
  6. Films will not be archived or shown out of events surrounding International Animation Day without the expressed permission of the filmmaker.
  7. Filmmakers agree to a limited showing of their films in a streaming capacity for International Animation Day. This limited online engagement will be provided in 2020 as a possible alternative for areas of the globe who cannot meet in person because of safety restrictions. This engagement will run for 3 weeks starting October, 26 and ending November 15th.
  8. Films should be 1920 x 1080 H.264 compression.


2020 Poster by Regina Pessoa
2020 Poster by Regina Pessoa

Each year an artist is selected to create a poster that can be used by ASIFA Chapters and Partners to promote their local events. A press release with more information about the poster is also available. For more information and access to the poster click here. You will need a login to access the poster.