How to Get Involved?

ASIFA international animation day is truly a global event with celebrations occurring around Oct 28th every year. See how your chapter, organization, or club can get involved in celebrating this magical art form. For more information contact:

Guidelines for celebrating International Animation Day:

Artists, ASIFA chapters, and Festivals are generously providing animation for the celebration of International Animation Day, October 28th. They are doing this without compensation.

  • Please provide showings of the work in your location either free of charge or with a small cost to help pay for the venue.
  • Do not post any of this work to the internet.
  • Only show it during or around October 28th. If you need to show in, for example, January, please contact the individual chapter(s) to request the showing extension. ASIFA chapters have often made arrangements with artists for the availability of their work.
  • Destroy the digital copies after the showing.
  • Please take photos/videos and share them with us. The director of IAD will be requesting information after your showing on the numbers of participants and additional information for his reports to the International Board of ASIFA.
  • Consider joining ASIFA International to and share your work with the world in celebration of the magic of animation!