ASIFA Lithuania Year in the world. Great Tour

Volume 1. Lithuanian animation year in the world. Animated films for Children.

Duration: 66 min. Subtitles: in English.

Order by chronology

1.       Baubo aritmetika / Goblin‘s math. 7’15“, 2004. “Lithuanian Film Studio“. Director Ilja Bereznickas.

2.       Aeroplanas / Airplane. 9’15“, 1997. “Lithuanian Film Studio“. Director Henrikas Vaigauskas.

3.       Solistė / Soloist. 5′, 2002. “Lithuanian Film Studio“. Director Jurate Leikaite.

4.       Buvo, buvo, kaip nebuvo / There was, it was, as it was not. 6’30“, 1986. „Lithuanian Film Studio“.  Director Zenonas Steinys.

5.       Čigonas ir Drakonas / The Gipsy and the Dragon. 6’26“, 2006. „Lithuanian Film Studio“. Directors: Algirdas Selenis, Aurika Seleniene.

6.      Medžioklė / Hunt. 1‘, 2015. Studio „MeinArt“. Directors Meinardas Valkevicius, Sigitas Mikuta.

7.      Uodega / Tail. 5’45“, 2007. „Vilanimos filmų studija“, VDA. Director Rasa Jonikaite.

8.       Herojai / Heroes. 5’07“, 2001. “Lithuanian Film Studio“. Director Henrikas Vaigauskas.

9.       Paparčio žiedas / Fern Blossom. 7′, 2003. “Lithuanian Film Studio“. Director Jurate Leikaite.

10.  Vaikystės dienoraštis / Diary of Childhood. 7’23“, 2009. Studija „Filmų štrichai“. Director Antanas Skucas.

11.   Senelės pasaka / Grandma‘s Tale. 5’40“, 2012. “Vilanimos Film Studio”. Directors: Valentas Askinis, Jurate Leikaite-Askiniene.

In the first part of the program animated films for children are collected. Lithuanian classical animation director’s films for children full of optimism, joyous and comical situations.

“Goblin‘s math” – film directed by Ilja Bereznickas. The Heroes of the Film are Classmates of the primary school who transfer boring life of adults into cheerful and amusing fancy stories, which are full of unexpected situations. One of the hero is Baubas – Goblin. Bereznickas’ work is characterised by its humorous style, instructive ideas, and bright colours. His films are usually intended for children.

Animated films “Airplane” and “Heroes”  directed by Henrikas Vaigauskas. His animated films are characterised by extreme simplicity of plot, clear colours, funny gags, and the visual style of children’s comic books.  “Airplane” – a funny story about a father who, in order to calm down crying children, built them an airplane.  “Heroes” – animated film about famous Lithuanian comic books character Piglet. Piglet with his friend Wingy leaves to look for a sculpture stolen from a museum.

The director Jurate Leikaite made a trilogy about a snail called Maiva. Film “Soloist” – a snail follows a ray of the Moon, singing, on a dark night and thinks of herself as a real soloist. When she wakes up in the morning, she finds herself on the very top of a tree and her song floats above the fields.

 “There was, it was, as it was not” – film directed by Zenonas Steinys was fully devoted to the style of the game, in which the artist created an indescribable. It’s a story about a little girl who watches what changes, sometimes fun, and sometimes terrible, but definitely interesting things around her. The clouds flowing down suddenly begins to fall down and turns into a variety of animals, and is supervised and cared for by the farmer in whose yard they settle.

“The Gipsy and the Dragon” – film directed by Algirdas Selenis and Aurika Seleniene. Gypsy compete with the dragon for the princess, but this is not their main purpose …

“Hunt” – extremely short film directed by Meinardas Valkevicius, Sigitas Mikuta. It’s time to HUNT but who HUNTS who? The power of nature is enormous! STOP hunting!

“Tail” – film directed by Rasa Jonikaite. This film is a contemporary interpretation of well-known folk tales. A fox and a wolf, friendship and betrayal, and the relationships between animals and people.

A new stage in Jurate Leikaite’s work began with the film “The Fern Blossom”. Among her creative interpretations of Lithuanian legends, celebrations and traditions she made film about very special night. In the middle of night at summer solstice, the miraculous blossom of fern blooms. John wants to find it, because if one has the blossom, one can see all hidden treasures. This time John is very lucky, for he not only finds the blossom, but also meets his real love…

“Diary of Childhood” – film directed by Antanas Skucas. When one is a kid even the most unimportant details tend to catch attention and open the gates of fantasy. In this film, a girl in a wheel-chair gets attached to a ladybird, which becomes a symbol of hope to get on feet again and leave the isolated room of hers. However, sometimes even our favorite things are taken away… “Diary of Childhood” is a mesmerizing attempt to reveal the perception characteristic to children when any seemingly inessential element of the everyday life can get its own personality and meaning. Surprisingly enough, the film pictures it as somewhat related to the Lithuanian mythology. “Grandma‘s Tale” – film directed by Valentas Askinis and Jurate Leikaite Askiniene. The film is based Lithuanian poet Salomeja Neris poem “Grandmother’s Tale.” Before going to sleep grandmother tells different tales episodes and introduces the different characters of Lithuanian fairy tales.

Volume 2. Lithuanian animation year in the world. Animated films for Adults.

Duration: 78 min. Subtitles: in English.Subtitles: in English.

Order by chronology

1.      Vilkas ir siuvėjas / Wolf and tailor, 7‘33“, 1966, „Banga“ studio. Director Zenonas Tarakevicius.

2.      Iniciatyva / Initiative, 3‘58“, 1970. „Lietuvos kino studija“. Director Antanas Janauskas. 

3.      Palankios aplinkybės / Favourable Conditions, 8′, 1989. „Lietuvos kino studija“. Director Antanas Janauskas. 

4.      Laikraštinis žmogus / Newspaper Man, 10′, 1991. „Lietuvos kino studija“. Director Ilja Bereznickas.

5.      Metamorfozes / Metamorphosis, 6’15”, 1996. “Vilanima animated film studio”. Director Jurate Leikaite.

6.      Žemaitė – žemaičių pramotė / Samogitian genesis, 5′, 2002. „Lietuvos kino studija“. Directors: Algirdas Selenis, Aurika Seleniene.

7.      Trumpas sujungimas / Short circuit, 3’35”, 2003. „AJ Studio“. Director Antanas Janauskas.

8.      Saga / The Button, 6′, 2012. „Vilanimos filmų studija“. Director  Ieva Miskinyte.

9.      Eglė – žalčių karalienė / Egle the Queen of Grass-snakes. 7‘16“, 2003. „Lietuvos kino studija“. Directors: Algirdas Selenis, Aurika Seleniene.

10.  Užstalė / Sitting at the table, 6‘11“, 2011. Studio V. Malcius. Director Vilgis Malcius.

11.  Taip Laima lėmė / Laima Determines the Destiny, 13’30”, 2011. Studio „Filmu Strichai“. Director Jurate Leikaite-Askiniene.

12.  Kaltė / Guilt, 5’20”, 2013, Studio „Joni Art“. Director Reda Bartkute – Tomingas.

In the second  part of the program animated films are collected for adults. This program features films created by different directors, whose works marked the striking stages of Lithuanian animation. The range of author’s animated films of classical directors is rather widespread, startinę with family drama, the topic of human-affairs disaster, in other films dealing with political issues of the country,  ending with films that Focus on the arkas of the nation’s cultural heritage and mythology and tales.

The films made by Antanas Janauskas are optimistic stories full of paradoxes, in which the same character travels from one film to another, experiencing anover whelming conflict with his surroundings. The character embodies the director and his ideas. The film “Favourable Conditions“ consists of two parts: 1.  “Under the Clouds“. Building a road across the clouds by destroying the sky is meaningful until one realizes that the sky’s the earth itself. 2.   “In Closed Space“. A man Frede from a thick layer of plaster by the help of water krops frees his colleagues too. Excellent! No?! In the plaster it was better?

The beginning of contemporary drawing animation at the Lithuanian Film Studios is closely associated with the caricaturists Ilja Bereznickas and Zenonas Steinys, who after attending an advanced directing course in Moscow returned to Lithuania in 1985. Bereznickas’ work is characterised by its humorous style, instructive ideas, and bright colours. The film “Newspaper Man” directed by I. Bereznickas is about a smals persona who selifeis in the topic alissues of the world through the pages of the daily news paper. The key question is whether we can keep up with global problems.

The director Jurate Leikaite debuted in 1996, with a striking and bold animation film for adults called “Metamorphoses“. A mad, mad discordant study of interpersonal relationships embedded within a cultural shift that insinuates the collapse of an old system in the midst of a new order taking its place.

The film “Samogitian genesis” made by directors Algirdas Selenis and Aurika Seleniene, the film is characterised by expressiveness both in the graphics and the colours, and by symbolism. The film is based on the legends about the beginning of Samogitians. This is a story about the SamogitianPromother that cares for Samogitian Tribe. 

The animation film “The Growling Pillow” made by Antanas Janauskas tells a story about people who have an idea that is so powerful it could blow the mright off the face of the earth. 

Director Ieva Miskinyte deals with issues of human existence, her film “The Button” examines stories about people and objects in which people wander, dream, search for something, long to discover, and long to be discovered. It is a deep allegorical story about buttons that are lost and found, and all of the invisible threads that bind them.

The filmSitting at the table”made by director Virgis Malcius.The table is the place where people meet. At the table, they eat, drink, announce war, sign peace treaties, execute death sentences, buy land, divide, sell, judge in courts. At the table they celebrate weddings, anniversaries, anniversaries, deceased people, admit love, differ, apply, try to admit once again to the love that families make.

Film „Laima Determines the Destiny“ directed by Jurate Leikaite are closely linked to Lithuanian folklore, folk Talės and myths, and are distinguished by playfulness, a distinctive style of narration, and stylistic experimentation. In the film “Guilt” directed by Reda Tomingas a lonely vixen (fox) isolates herself from the world to enjoy the pleasures of being tormented by guilt. But as the days go by, even her personal space gets invaded and starts to crumble. She has to choose between madness and reconciliation.

Volume 3. Lithuanian animation year in the world. Debut and Student animated films.