Poster 2018 Press Release

Backgrounder/Press Release: 2018 International Animation Day Poster 

October 28, 2018, a Global Celebration of Animation

International Animation Day (IAD) celebrations started in 1982 by ASIFA, the International Animation Association (Association Internationale du film d’Animation).

2018 Poster created by René Castillo and Mandaraka Studio

~The day marks the founding of Animation in 1892, by Emile Reynaud, in Paris, France (with the first public animation projection)

~It is simultaneously celebrated around the globe, in more than 50 countries, on nearly all continents. ASIFA offers films for exchange, a poster, and other connections

~On this day, October 28, we foreground the Art of Animation, and how it communicates across borders

~Through this celebration, we have a sense of connectedness with other animators around the world, as we spread goodwill, mutual understanding and peace

Each year, ASIFA calls upon an important animator to create the poster for International Animation Day, celebrated on October 28 around the world.

René Castillo of ASIFA Mexico and his studio of animators generously created the 2018 IAD poster. René is best known for his animation Hasta los Huesos (Down to the Bones), which was honored with more than 60 awards around the globe. His studio Mandaraka is currently producing an animated film Thingdom: the Kingdom of things, slated to be released this year. 

In the poster, the eyes have it – 18 visions gaze upon the viewer, just as the viewer is drawn to the variety of imagined expressions they represent. René Castillo of ASIFA Mexico, along with nine other animators at his Mandaraka studios, created these emotions, frozen in time, practically begging for life beyond their storyboarded existence.

With this philosophy, he created his poster celebrating International Animation Day, October 28, expressing passion he has embraced since a serious auto accident gave him appreciation for the brevity of life. Better to mold life into clay than a life of molded management.

Castillo noted, “every animator has a unique and personal point of view, with different styles, techniques, themes, colors… If we celebrate world animation, we must celebrate the diversity of looks.”

In the spirit of collaboration and celebration, ASIFA Central in the United States took Castillo’s vision one step further, molding each image into an animated continuum, an Ani-Jam project, shared with other chapters and on-line.