Previous Posters

ASIFA International Animation Day started its celebrations in 2002 in France with 120 locations with the first poster created by Daniela Bak. Through the years, the poster has been designed by many prestigious animators from countries all over the world helping to represent this international event.

Artist and Year

2002 Daniela Bak
2003 Yuri Cherenkov
2004 Eric Ledune
2005 Paul Driessen
2006 Noureddin Zarrinkelk
2007 Abi Feijo
2008 Michel Ocelot
2009 Nina Paley
2010 Raoul Servais
2011 Ihab Shaker
2012 Giannluigi Toccafondo
2013 Oscar Grillo
2014 Koji Yamamura
2015 Rastko Ćirić
2016 Yoji Kuri
2017 Noureddin Zarrinkelk
2018 René Castillo and Studio Mandaraka
2019 Giannis Koutsouris